Inline Skating

picture of skate

Many years ago I was a pretty good sprinter and used to belong to the local athletic club.  I'm not much of an exercise fiend but when I started working from home, I did use to go for a walk most mornings.  That did improve my fitness quite a bit but I was still rather heavier than I would like (I'm sure the excellent home cooking hasn't helped but it sure is nice).  I resolved to get fitter and weigh less so I bought an exercise bicycle.  Now instead of sitting around watching television in the winter evenings, I cycle around watching television in the winter evenings.  My weight didn't budge for a while but my legs did become rock hard.  Finally my weight started to drop too.

In the warmer months I inline skate.  I took it up a few years ago.  I thought it would be fun and it is.
So far I haven't fallen over (although I have draped myself over a few gate posts) but I think my fear of falling over has inhibited my skill progressing somewhat.  Still, if you can't do something well, learn to enjoy doing it badly.  I'm a fiercesome sight in the protective gear.  People avoid me.  I think they find me intimidating in all the gear .  Once I stop to let them pass and say hello they visibly relax.  The roads where I live are unfortunately very rough and some of the pavements are hard to walk on let alone skate on.
I bought some new skates a few years back from Kates Skates .  I have received good service whenever I've purchased equipment from her and have no hesitation in recommending her. They were Hypno Stealth skates with detachable frames.

picture of stealth skate picture of stealth skate
The boots are reasonably comfortable to walk in but as skates they are very comfortable and soak up a lot of vibration from uneven surfaces.  I can skate for several hours without my feet complaining like they used to with my cheap skates (they're pictured at the top of the page).  They are also very fast.  The precision frame and bearings let the wheels spin very freely allowing me to skate faster and coast further.  Click here for a bigger picture with more information in a new window.

Clevedon seafront only has a narrow path so skating along it during the day is largely impossible.  The only solution is to get up early in the morning and skate it when there's hardly anyone around.  I'm not a morning person so that's pretty hard for me but I try to skate it once per year.  Apart from one section which is very rough, the surface is nice and smooth.  On a clear and sunny morning with no wind, it makes getting up early almost worthwhile.
Here's a bit of a crap picture of me with the gear on (except my helmet).

me on skates